Entry #8

A Webcomic

2013-10-02 19:09:29 by Yoshiko13

I'm posting to inform you (specifically you) that this human now has a webcomic. I don't think that the New Grounds gallery is the best way to display the comic, so I'm not going to post it here. But you may find it at the following locations!

SmackJeeves || DeviantART || MangaMagazine || Tapastic


A Webcomic


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2013-10-03 07:09:02

Looks great so far. Bit odd style of text in the speech bubbles, but maybe it's something you get used to. Any plans on coloring this?

Yoshiko13 responds:

I'll have to go back and look over the text and see what it is :-0" But if it's a grammar error, point it out to me, and I'll go fix it. I seem to always miss it even with the help of 3 people, haha.

As far as color, I think that starting on chapter two, there will be color (as it was originally intended to have color, but the publisher I was trying t work with was strictly B&W). We'll see how it all pans out :- )

Thanks so much for reading!


2013-10-04 04:08:22

No grammar errors, it's just that the letters are all so thin/tall. That's just my first impression though, reading more it may not be so oddly obvious. Good to know; thanks for the read!


2015-01-12 20:50:34

Happy new year dear! I'm so glad you haven't forgotten about us! You might actually consider posting your webcomic here (Art Portal), say, every Tuesday and Thursday or so. If you have ad-rev enabled, the payouts are a little better than they have been....

Yoshiko13 responds:

Eeeh! I'd never for get about my NG peeps, I just get intimidated sometimes.

Thanks for being patient with my posting and continuing to follow me.

You know, I didn't even know about ad rev until you told me, I'll have to look into it. But posting my web coming here would be good. I'll give it a shot!

Hope your new years is treating you well!