Have a Store now

2013-08-03 04:23:44 by Yoshiko13

I now have a store where I sell my zines and comics for those interested.


Have a Store now


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2013-08-03 06:31:42

Bookmarked, and very soon to be buying! Very grateful to be patronizing artists like yourself!

Yoshiko13 responds:

Thanks so much!! it really helps with buying supplies and food :- )


2013-08-05 01:20:59

just got a copy of Maybe, looking forward to reading it!

Yoshiko13 responds:

Just sent it out! Hope it arrives safely!!


2013-08-05 08:39:11

Gotta a buy comic book or two from Ben (Undernation) as well... yeah, I know what it's like going without food, the terrible loss in muscle. The ink I've made from mud wasp nests.. guess I could've used dogwood bark or birch to draw on.

Anyway, weather later this week looks unsettled, so, when I'm not being wet...


2013-08-10 13:23:18

Awesome, just got Collection #1 and Maybe!

Yoshiko13 responds:

Sent that out yesterday! hope everything arrives safely!


2013-08-21 19:58:24

Yay, got everything, including the lovely thank you card :3 The mini comic got a little bent up somehow, but it's all here in one piece... smells of Febreeze? Hopefully it won't smell of my tobacco smoke any time soon!

I got Undernation's package a few days ago... along with a custom drawn, chainsaw wielding dude :)