2013-06-30 02:47:24 by Yoshiko13

I'm all graduated now, so I'm finally able to post!

Looking forward to this post-graduation life!

Have a grand end of June ya'll



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2013-06-30 02:58:58

grtz ^^


2013-06-30 06:18:45

Awesome, well done! I really liked your latest comic but i don't think i really understood it. What is the significance of the figure lying in the water who she kisses at the end?

Yoshiko13 responds:

Hello and thank you!

As for the Comic question, kissing the figure at the end is the character (Molly) choosing to do what the boy on page 5 suggested.



2013-07-01 09:23:15

Was really hoping you didn't go away for good! Not many can pull off such visceral work, with a flair that looks about a century old.
I haven't been to a comic book store in a while, but I can see no reason why your work shouldn't be in one of them! Maybe there's even a market for your work in Japan, properly translated and all....

Yoshiko13 responds:

Thank you!
Maybe someday, but for now, I'll just concentrate on getting my work published haha.