Original Art

2012-02-19 15:22:43 by Yoshiko13

Would anyone be intrested in buying Original Art work from me?

Original Art


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2012-02-19 17:06:43

Would you accept bits of string as payment? We might have a deal


2012-02-19 20:48:01

Unfortunately, I have no string.... but would you accept organs? I can give you one of my kidneys...? Joking. XD Once I get a job and start making money, I would love to buy some of your art! You have such a cute and unique style! I want to support you! X3

Yoshiko13 responds:

awww thank you so much <3
Unfortunately i have all the string i shall ever need and a surplus of frozen organs in my freezer haha <3 i look forward to striking deals <3



2012-02-20 22:01:22

Absolutely! If you have your comics for sale, I'd buy those too.


2012-02-23 21:39:58

Haha if I could I would.
I love your artwork.
Brings back memories of artwork from the 90s for me somehow. :)